Marble City Gaddani Phase-I (MCG)

About Marble City

Marble City, Gaddani is located on the traditional route of Marble supplies from Balochistan. The distance of this Marble Cluster is 27 km from SITE Karachi on the main RCD Highway. This city is comprised of 660 acres of state land out of which 238 acres of land was developed in Phase-I.


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  • Hub Industrial Trading Estate Allotment Form (Download)


1 km
Quaid-e-Azam International Air Port
1 km
Karachi Port Trust (KPT)
1 km
Gwadar deep Sea Port
1 km
City Railway Station Karachi
1.2 km
RCD Highway Road

Estate Area

In Total Estate Area of 665 Acres

Leasable Industrial Area 199 Acres

Leasable Commercial Area 2.5 Acres

Plot Sizes (Industrial)

1: 20 x 50 = 1000 Sq. Meters
2: 40 x 50 = 2000 Sq. Meters

Plot Sizes (Commercial) _______ Sq. Meter


in case of large scale projects requiring higher area than planned modules, multiples of minimum plot modules can be allotted

Lease Term:

LIEDA offers lease of plots for the term of 99 years which will be subject to compliance of terms and conditions of the Agreement to Lease.

Price & Charges


Rs.1,250@ Sq Meter

Installment Rs.1500 @ Sq Meter

  • Annual Ground Rent Year 2022-23 Rs.07 @ Sq Meter


Rs.7,500@ Sq Meter

Annual Ground Rent Year 2022-23

  • Rs.20 @ Sq Meter


In case of opting mode of payment in installments 50% of the total premium shall be payable immediate on approval of application for allotment whereas balance 50% shall be recovered in 8 x 3 monthly installments within two years.


LIEDA is procuring 4MW electricity from K. Electric in bulk for Marble City, Gaddani. An overhead electric feeder from K.E. Grid station at Hub up to Marble City, Gaddani having capacity of 4MW has been laid and energized. Besides eight sub-stations have also been constructed and energized through above feeder wherefrom electric connection are being ensured to the Marble and Mineral Processing Units in operation at Marble City, Gaddani in accordance to their requirement.


An independent 9 kilometer 10” dia pipe line has been laid by LIEDA from Water Reservoirs of Hub Industrial Trading Estate(HITE) up to Marble City Gaddani. Water Pond having six(6) lac gallons has also constructed at Marble City, Gaddani to stock water being pumped from water reservoirs of HITE wherefrom supply of water through pipe line is being ensured by LIEDA to the Marble Processing Units in operation and under construction.