A large number of national and multinational industries are established and functioning successfully here.


The first ever project of LIEDA was planned in the year 1979-80. Located in close proximity to the port city of Karachi only at a distance of 18 km from SITE Karachi and 11 KM from Northern By-Pass road. The estate area is 1226 square meters whereas the leaseable area was 751 acres comprising of 1,302 plots. The module plot is 1250 square meters whereas the corner plots are 2,500 square meters and 10,000 square meters respectively. In case of higher area requirements, multiples of the module plots can be added to meet our requirement of industry to industry. The initial estate area was 1100 acres whereas the estate was thrice extended by adding and developing adjoining areas measuring 39 acres, 49 acres, and 37 acres.