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Lasbela Industrial Estates Development Authority

Lasbela Industrial Estates Development Authority (LIEDA) is an autonomous body of the Government of Balochistan. The main objectives of LIEDA are to provide an enabling environment for investors, accelerate the pace of industrialization, attract foreign investment, enhance export volume, and create job opportunities for the people of the area.

LIEDA was established in 1984 with the mandate to develop & manage industrial estates to promote industrialization in the district of Lasbela, Balochistan.

So far we have developed and are managing five industrial estates in the district of Lasbela, Balochistan. Hub Industrial & Trading Estate and Marble City Gaddani are our success stories. These industrial estates have been provided with all basic infrastructure facilities like roads, water supply, drainage and electric distribution, gas, and telecommunication networks.

LIEDA is the first-ever authority in the country that is ensuring the provision of utilities like electricity & water through the one-window operation. Besides, we are managing a Rest House, Auditorium, Jamia Masjid, and Fire Fighting services for the facilitation of the industries. OUR PRIDE IS OUR SERVICES.

About Us


This Authority is responsible for the promotion and development of infrastructure required for setting up industries in industrial estates in Lasbela and Hub District.

Its functions are continuous and non-stop in nature. Development of land to enable allotment of industries, provision of services like roads, water, electricity, and sewerage network to industries within the industrial estates under their control through one-window operation, and above all these services Operation and maintenance are important functions. Assigned by the Government of Balochistan and successfully implemented by the authority.

The emergence of Hub Industrial Trading Estate as an exemplary industrial estate and the first location in Pakistan where one window operation for the provision of infrastructure services has been successfully implemented and in line with the policy of the Government of Balochistan on behalf of the Authority. Even driving it is a feat.

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Funds & Finance:

The proceeds from the sale of plots allotted to industries on 99-year leases in Industrial Estates and the annual ground rent collected from them are a major source of income for the Authority.

Expenditure on development schemes approved by the Board of Directors, LIEDA for these industrial estates, operation and maintenance of existing schemes, and other revenue expenditures are met from this income.

As KESC supplies the bulk load of electricity distributed to various feeders laid and energized in these industries estates to the authority while the provision of electricity connection to the industries, laying and maintenance of internal distribution network is the responsibility of the authority. Technical staff responsibilities are satisfied, therefore, KESC’s bulk electric load bills are paid by the Authority through its billing system after receipt from individual industrial consumers.

The revenue generated from the water supply is used to pay the cost of raw water to the Balochistan Irrigation Department and to operate, repair, and maintain the systems established in these industrial estates to ensure uninterrupted supply throughout the year.

About Us


We know that security is one of the biggest concerns investors face. For this, we have effectively used the police and the FC in the last few years to control land grabbing and other crimes to allay the fears of the business community.

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